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Chateau Lagrézette

Maison Malbec - A Beautiful Gem Revealed

Chateau Lagrézette is pleased to announce Maison Malbec, a stunning stone villa in the countryside of the Midi-Pyrénées in the Cahors area of France. It is the perfect VIP getaway, with the Valley of the Dordogne to the North and Lot River just a ten-minute drive away. It is also a perfect spot for wine and travel professionals to use as a home base while exploring SW France and to relax and unwind during downtime. Cahors is a gastronomical wonderland, with many great eateries minutes away from the Maison. Other nearby stops are the UNESCO World Heritage site, Pont Valentré bridge, beautiful medieval streets that wind through the ancient town of Cahors and a vibrant farmer’s market brimming with delicacies - but you may never want to leave the serenity and glamour of the Maison itself.

Named for the grape the region is known for, the Maison sits adjacent to a Lagrézette vineyard that cultivates Malbec for its famed Chevalier du Chateau Lagrézette blend. A mere 15km away is the majestic Lagrézette castle which guests are invited to visit for an in-depth tour and tasting of the top cuvées of the estate.

The 16th century Lagrézette castle was famously restored after it was purchased by Alain-Dominique Perrin in 1980. This magnificent castle, a striking blend of Medieval and Renaissance architecture, is a testament to his vision and passion. Known for his keen eye for beauty and luxury, M. Perrin has been instrumental in the art world as president of the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris, and for the modern luxury reinvention of Cartier. His sense of aesthetics translates into the beauty of Maison Malbec - with art and sculpture expertly chosen by M. Perrin himself, accenting the lovely interiors.

The six-bedroom and six-bathroom Maison sleeps twelve and is a sprawling layout that offers privacy and space for each guest. It is divided into two adjoining parts both overlooking the vineyards and rolling hills. The first section is ornate and grand, featuring a large living room complete with a substantial library and a stone fireplace, a masterfully decorated dining room, and a state-of-the-art kitchen. The second section of the house boasts a detached, summer kitchen by the swimming pool and Weber grill, plus a video/game room with a 17th century vaulted ceiling that has everything from a home cinema to a poker table. Upon arrival, a selection of Lagrézette wines paired with artisan cheeses and patés offers a gracious welcome to visitors. Comfort and opulence combine in every detail.

About Chateau Lagrézette

Chateau Lagrézette is a testament to the vision of Alain Dominique Perrin—the winery represents the intersection of craftsmanship and tradition he is so well-versed in as the man who reinvented Cartier and as a fervent art collector. Wine is bottled art and the vineyard its paint, so it goes without saying that he put the same enthusiasm into opening the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris, as he did into restoring the legendary estate of Chateau Lagrézette.

Working within the luxury realm, M. Perrin is not only aware of the standards of quality expected, but also recognizes the need for accessibility. The Lagrézette range starts with Purple and goes up to the ultimate luxury cuvée, Le Pigeonnier. These wines are the finest expression of French Malbecs from one of France’s most ancient appellations - Cahors. The estate, vineyards, castle, and cellar are on a world-class property which is recognized as a historical monument. Exceptional terroir, strict vine selection, and a state-of-the-art winemaking philosophy ensure exquisite textures, freshness, complexity, and natural minerality. Lagrézette is ardent in its sustainability practices and was recently certified as an HQE (Demarche de Haute Qualité Environmentale).

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